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Web Login feature update Web Login feature update

With several updates to web browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer) over the last month or so, a number of websites are no longer being recognized by FastAccess. We are aware of this and are working hard to update FastAccess to accomodate. We look forward to providing a new release in the coming weeks with updates for all three major browsers. 

Please feel free to write to us directly at  with any websites that are not working. Your help is appreciated. 

2012-12-21 09:09

FastAccess 4.X for Win8 available soon! FastAccess 4.X for Win8 available soon!

Sensible Vision is happy to announce FastAccess 4.X - the next generation of face recognition technology. This significant upgrade will be available to all 3.X users for free! 

When the update is released (which should be very soon), you will be notified of it through the normal automatic update mechanism. 

Among the many new features of FastAccess 4.X are:

  • Support for Windows 8
  • Updated recognition algorithm
  • Added optional, true two factor authentication - either Face plus the selection of a “secret shape” or face plus a “swipe pattern gesture”. Makes recognition even more accurate and photo/video rejection perfect while keeping login quick and easy. Works well on both traditional and touch devices.
  • Added option to save all website passwords in a secure, encrypted cloud account! Synchronize all your passwords between computers and even with Android and iOS devices.
  • Added option to save stored website passwords to a local, password protected backup file.
  • All new interface! Now Fastaccess is better organized, better labeled, and easier to use than ever.
  • Updated web login feature to support all currently released versions of IE, Firefox and Chrome. The only exception is IE on the Win8 Modern UI desktop which does not support plugins. IE on the Standard desktop works as normal.
  • Added motion based user switching for tablets. On Win8 tablets, users may opt to trigger a switch between users by rotating the tablet from landscape to portrait and back again (or vice versa) quickly. Provides the ultimate in convenient control of user accounts and personalized content on the Win8 Modern UI desktop.
2012-11-05 04:45

Chrome 22 Chrome 22

A recent update to Chrome to version 22 has caused problems with the web login function in FastAccess 3.X. Further investigation is underway as to why the previous version 21 and the upcoming version 23 do not experience this symptom while version 22 does. 

Sensible Vision will provide updates as necessary via the normal update mechanism at the earliest opportunity. 

2012-09-27 15:29

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